Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista : “Run As”

This might be somewhat basic to some of you and others not. I use this quite often so I might as well post about it. If for some reason you are not using an administrator account or just not logged on as an administrator….you can “Run As” an administrator….IF YOU KNOW THE ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD. ┬áIf the administrator account doesn’t have a password, then I assume you won’t need to use a password. Now you can’t use the “Run As” command with everything. Most of the time I use it with .exe (executable) files.

Here’s how you use the “Run As” feature…

*** Windows 2000 ***

Hold down the Shift key and the right-click what you want to “Run As”. If “Run As” isn’t an option, then you can’t use it. If “Run As” is available, then select it. Now you will be prompted with a username/password fields. Enter the appropriate info and it should work.

*** Windows XP ***

Same as Windows 2000 except you don’t hold down the Shift key

*** Windows Vista ***

Same as Windows XP…..Windows Vista displays as “Run as administrator”

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