Shadow Windows 2003 Console Session

Did you know you could shadow the console session in Windows 2003 using RDP?  Well it’s possible!  There are far and better programs out there that allow you to do this but it’s possible with RDP.

  1.  Log into server you want to shadow and issue gpedit.msc from command prompt.
  2. Go to Computer Configuration
  3. Adminstrative Templates
  4. Windows Components
  5. Terminal Services
  6. Sets rules for remote control of Terminal Services user sessions
  7. Setting Tab
  8. Click Enabled
  9. Options
  10. Click Full Control with users’ permission
  11. Ok
  12. Initiate mstsc -v:servername /console from the command prompt on the client you want to shadow from….  servername being the name of the server you want to shadow.
  13. Once logged in on the client PC, issue shadow 0 (o means console session) and hit enter!

*refer to for more information

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