remove spyware guard 2009

Ok, someone I know had this piece of shit crapware.  It’s one of the most annoying fucking things out there.  Who knows how he got it but at least I now know how to get rid of it.

1. First and foremost, download the latest version of malwarebytes @

2. If for some reason you are unable to download it from the infected computer, you will need to download it from another computer and transfer the program to the infected computer.  You can do this various way…..burn to cd…transfer with removable….thumb drive….external hard drive…….or whatever

3. Once transfer to the infected computer…install the malwarebytes program!  Now if you are unable to install it on the infected computer, rename the executable to a batch file…for example……………………..mbam-setup.exe  -> you can install the program….and when it’s time to run the program….you can do the same and rename the applicationexecutable to a batchfile and it will run.  for some reason I think the spyware guard 2009 disease stops you from running the program.

Anyways…that’s how to get rid of it.  Malwarebytes removes spyware guard 2009 100%….if not….then you have other issues.

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  1. February 5, 2009 at 6:50 am

    thanks dude..great job!! very helpfull for me.thanks for sharing..

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