Remove Read-Only of Folder in Win2k3

I just fixed this at work because somehow a co-worker changed a folder to Read-Only (apparently by accident) and no one could modify anything…not even the architect of this fiasco. The issue is when you uncheck the Read-Only attribute, click Apply, and OK. The Read-Only attrib doesn’t stay unchecked. So you need to use the Attrib command using the command prompt:

use attrib -r +s path_of_folder (example: attrib -r +s c:\test)

you might need to use attrib -r -s c:\test if a program is not working correctly that needs access to that folder.

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  1. February 27, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    I committed this egregious error myself, and the same thing that happened to you all happened to me. And since I had no idea what was wrong initially, it was three hours later before I realized what was wrong and found the command that you have posted here to fix it.

    I don’t wish this error on anyone. It’s one of those simple things that you just don’t mentally go to as the problem first.

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