Office XP Error 1334 ptxt9.dll

Well I got this freakin’ error when trying to install SP3 for Office XP. I searched online an I couldn’t find a damn thing about it and Office XP.

First off, don’t try installing SP3 using the website….cause it sucks. I would suggest downloading the entire SP3 file from here .  Yes, this is Microsoft’s site so don’t go thinking I sent you to some BS site.  Ok, so now what I did is searched for “ptxt9.dll” on my hard drive.  After Windows wasn’t able to locate the file, I went to ADD/REMOVE program from the Control Panel. I then found the Office XP install and clicked on modify and then a repair.  After the repair was completed, I searched for “ptxt9.dll” again and Windows found it! Who knows where it went initially but oh well….it’s there now.  I then executed the SP3 file and it worked!  My Office XP was now upated with SP3.  So incase you are having the same issue, here’s the breakdown again.


1. Download the complete SP3 file from here

2. Go to control panel -> Add/Remove Programs

3. Do a modify and repair for your Office XP install (don’t reinstall it because it won’t fix this problem for some reason)

4. Run the SP3 file again and it should work……well…it worked for me :)

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