Modify, Change Microsoft Windows Default SMTP Virtual Server directory/folder

Have you ever needed to change the default SMTP Virtual Server directories or folders? PROBABLY NOT….Why? ….because you don’t work where I work. If you ever need to change the default SMTP folders such as …..Queue…Pickup….or Drop…then you need this!  It’s called IIS Metabase Explorer.  This program comes with IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools.  You can download it here (Microsoft’s Website)

  1. After you download and install it…you can go to Programs
  2. IIS Resources
  3. Metabase Explorer
  4. Metabade Explorer
  5. You should see two items under you computer name…LM and Schema
  6. Click the + next to LM
  7. Click the + next to SmtpSvc
  8. Click the 1
  9. On the right-hand side….you should now see the default paths for the Queue, Pickup, and Drop SMTP folders.
  10. Double-click each one and you can modify the paths!

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