Change, Modify, Add Registered Owner name in Microsoft Windows XP

Ever wonder how to change or modify the Registered Owner in Microsoft Windows XP? If you don’t what I’m talking about…..right-click My Computer and click Properties..on the General tab you will see the Registered Owner. ┬áIf you would like to change or add a registered owner to that area……it’s very quick and simple!

Here’s how!

  1. Open regedit (Start -> Run -> type regedit in the box and click Ok or Enter)
  2. Highlight Computer on the left-hand side
  3. Click Edit up top
  4. Select Find
  5. Type RegisteredOwner in the field and click Find Next or hit enter on your keyboard
  6. Once it finds to key….double-click RegisteredOwner on the right-hand side
  7. Now you can change the registered owner!……click Ok and that’s it!

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