Blury and fuzzy Outlook 2007 font

Dear Help Desk:

Why did you f### with my fonts?!!  My Outlook 2007 fonts are all blury and now I will go blind because of you people in IT!!!!  Now I have a huge headache and won’t be able to e-mail my high school friends all day!!!!!!


Dear User:

Next time you decide to blame someone, why don’t you use your f####### brain and do a Google search and figure it out for yourself before you start blaming us.  As a matter of fact, you are the dipsh#t that wanted Office 2007 in the first place.  So eat it!



For some reason Microsoft decided to turn on cleartype within Office 2007 and didn’t really want you, the user, to have a way of changing it.  I think that’s pretty shitty of Microsoft.  Maybe if you are computer challenged you might think cleartype is “totally awesome”….but if you have been around computers long enough….then you know this is hella annoying.

Oh well…after a quick Google search….I found this tool.  It’s actually on Microsoft’s site.  It’s called the ClearType Tuner PowerToy.

It’s a very easy tool to use….you download it…install it…and run it….it guides you through a few different sections where you pick out what screen looks good for you and then it changes Outlook 2007 fonts so they are clear for you…..not for Microsoft….but for YOU….you paid for the damn program so you might as well do it…..unless you have a really nice LCD monitor………but just do it because who’s Microsoft to say that cleartype is better for you….just do it!!!

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